Saturday, 7 April 2018

The Sound of Combustion

After a short break in the wilds of Cornwall, i needed a Zedster fix so I popped out for a short play.

I've talked before about the great noise Zedster makes so I thought I'd try record it. The following is a very bad video and although it sounds OK, it still isn't as bat-shit loud as the real thing - but enjoy:

Sunday, 25 March 2018

'Tis the season to be jolly...

... because the ice age is finally over and the roads, they are 'a calling...

Took a drive out to the The white lion antiques car meet (last Sunday of every month) - a great selection of cars:

Strangely, Zedster was the only kit there - expected a few more. Despite all the  lovely Cobras and TVRS, the DeLorean still looks amazing,  if you don't look inside and ignore it's humdrum mechanicals and engine, especially from the rear. It's difficult to believe its a 30+ year old design - still one of the most futuristic looking cars around.

I haven't got round to my doors yet - the materials are all here but I'm just too scared to make the first cut. My wimpy sewing machine was not up to the job (already sold on eBay) and I thus still need to find someone to do the sewing. There's a repair shop on my local high street who said he would but i don't have much faith in him - he has absolutely no idea what a kit car door looks like and even after I showed him a picture, he still looked confused.

I went through a short tunnel on the way home and the NOISE from Zedster was awesome - i must try the Hindhead tunnel on the A3 one day. I also had a couple of oversteer moments today; one i planned but the other caught me out - uphill, right-hand bend in 3rd gear (!) , booted it a bit early and out came the back. Paniced, lifted off and oversteer the other way! With a car coming the other way! Luckily, it probably felt worse than it was but it slowed me down for a while.

Grin just about faded away now...

Monday, 12 March 2018

Kitted out

Finally got the wheelarches back on, a mere 2 months after they did a Burton - I'm not exactly a fast worker, am i? I actually really like the colour contrast between the blue and black:

They look good from most angles but they are not as well aligned as when I first did them which is annoying. The nearside is worst - at least i can't see it from the drivers seat.

Just waiting for the material for the doors to arrive...

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Underneath the arches - again

Time to try refit the front wheel arches - first, some gunk on the underside of the arch as a first fix, arch positioned, tin of paint on top to weigh it down and left overnight. Annoyingly, it hasn't dried in exactly the right position but it's not miles out and, as you may have guessed by now, I'm no perfectionist.

Next stage was to fit the stronger brackets I made a few weeks ago - a bit of final tweaking, an excess of gunk and clamps:


Unfortunately, I don't have any more clamps, so I'll have to do one bracket per. night.

I trial fitted the upper door frame - looking pretty good:

A bit concerned how the sewing is going to go...well outside my comfort zone.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Ice Age Zero

Holy cow, it's cold and just when I wanted to spray paint, an activity that requires reasonable temperatures!

Getting bored of waiting, I bought my paints and wheelarches into the house and spray painted in my study. I didn't quite stink out the whole house but the wife had a good moan.

 I had put some pinstripe vinyl sticker on one of the arches but I then tried to spray lacquer over it and the lacquer seemed to have an effect of shrinking the pinstripe, so much so that it lifted off the surface of the arch. So I had to pull it off, which left a gluey residue behind, ruining the nice finish and forcing me to re-sand the arch which I did badly (you following this?). Despite several coats of paint, I haven't fully hidden the scratches, so on close inspection, it doesn't look great:

This is with the lacquer on, so not sure whether to put the pinstripe on again - it did look good.

 My door frames have been welded up (many thanks Bob) and look great. I've approached a couple of local companies about sewing the material over the frame; one never called back and the other sounded very dubious and obviously had no idea what a kit car is. So, I'm going to try do this myself (gawd help us) - I've ordered a cheap sewing machine which may not be up to the job but it was only £25, so not the end of the world if it doesn't work out and I have started drawing up some vague plans - we shall see.

 Despite the cold this week, I drove into work a couple of times (too icy for my motorbike and I hate trains). I imagine I got a few strange looks but it was no colder than my motorbike and quite fun in the snow:

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Zedster's new clothes

With the weather being so cold, I haven't been able to get the painting of the wheelarches done. I was finally at home during the day this weekend and finished several coats of black on the one arch - it looks brilliant:

I initially only did the repaired arch, just in case the paint looked rubbish and i would have to resort to just buying a new arch to match the other side. Fortunately, I think it looks great, so I've primed the other side as well - no going back now. I've also put a thin silver pinstripe on the black arch - looks excellent but I'll save the pictures for when they're on.

Between coats of paint, i gave the car a wash, polish and applied the new sticker i got a few weeks ago:

Maybe it's just me but i flipping love it - I've totally fluked the colour and size and I just think it looks great.

My indicators went on the blink (strictly, that's exactly what they didn't do). After wasting some time on checking the bulb and wiring, turned out to be the indicator relay - the same brand (HC-Cargo) as my alternator that died a few months ago! Replaced it with a new one (unbranded)...

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Old Grey Wheelarch Test

So with the arch damage repaired, time to try out the wrap...

... And let's gloss over that because it was a disaster! I thought the arch, being a small area, would be easy to do but it actually has a lot of compound curves and these are very difficult to wrap. I did a pretty decent job of the nice, flat areas but I just couldn't get the wrinkles out of the side pieces, despite liberal use of heat and repeated removal and application.

Got a flat area? Wrapping is great but any curves involved, don't bother.

So, back to basics - spray paint. I'm not sure why I didn't think of this before as it's going well so far. Because of the cold weather, I've only managed the primer on the one arch (the instructions say not to spray in cold weather) but it actually looks quite good just in battleship grey:

Despite the cold weather, I've commuted in Zedster every day this week so far and that has been partly possible because even my prototype door is very good at keeping the wind (and hence cold) out:

However, what it has also shown me is that the plastic frame is just too flexible and flaps about too much. The thicker vinyl I will eventually cover it in would help but not enough, I don't think.

So, a metal frame it is - I've ordered the pieces (the company I've ordered from will cut it to the sizes I want) and Bob from the RHOCAR forum has kindly offered to weld it up for me (he did my VIN plate). At least the plastic frame is a useful template.